"Of Fairies and Dragons"

The slumbering Fairies within their Chrysalis, developing their wings, are at their most vulnerable state. It is in these rare moments in the life of Fairies when Dragons are seduced down from their mountain dominions.... for once tasted the Flesh of Fairies, the intoxicating obsession compels unceasingly.

This started as a sketch influenced by the amazing Flamingo Skulls! That motivated the forms on the head, then it progressed to the Gorgon-like body. (Gorgon, as in, Medusa.) After that, I played around with a crocodile eyelid for the skin texture and subsequent colors.

Once I got the body moving in the right direction, I created a rough forest background and jumped back and forth between figure and format. After I brought in the coiling body, I expanded the canvas out to the left to balance the composition, but still lacking narrative, I envisioned Fairies, either being born or later developing as a chrysalis, inside a shark-like egg womb.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!